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Polygon Modelling & Mesh Modelling

Polygon modelling (or mesh modelling) will probably be the most used form of modelling you will ever use, but it isn't just limited to only that option. Understand the differences between a polygon model and a mesh model. Polygon Model: When converting...

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How to Make Model Boats With a 3D Program.

CAD (computer aided design) programs are degigned for creating and rendering digital three dimensional objects. One of the PC's first CAD programs was AutoCAD, which AutoDesk released in 1982. Since that time, many other companies have joined the CAD...

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How to Make a 3D Moving Character.

Three-dimensional moving characters can be made using a software program like Anim8or, 3D Magix Pro or AutoDesk 3ds Max. These software programs let you make animated characters by molding polygon meshes into different shapes. You can then use this character...

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How to Make a 3D Box.

3-D modeling programs, including computer-aided design (CAD) applications like AutoCAD and 3ds Max, have ready-made 3-D boxes that you can sculpt into more complex shapes. These programs are usually costly, however, and frequently require a steep learning...

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How to Make 3D Flash Games.

3D games require realistic motion. If you need balls that bounce like real balls bounce, wheels to rotate like real wheels rotate, and cars to accelerate like real cars accelerate, you will need the right software. Because Flash lets you code the mathematical...

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How to Design a 3D Ring.

One approach to designing a three-dimensional ring is to use 3D design software, which has special tools for turning 2D designs into three dimensions. One of these tools is called a lathe modifier, which does essentially what a real-world lathe does:...

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