Polygon Modelling & Mesh Modelling

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Polygon modelling (or mesh modelling) will probably be the most used form of modelling you will ever use, but it isn't just limited to only that option. Understand the differences between a polygon model and a mesh model.

Polygon Model: When converting an object to a polygon, all of the polygons will always be in the form of a square. However, it has the option of creating polygons with a minimum of 3 sides to as many as you'd like as mentioned in excersise #1. Its selection tools include, (from left to right) vertex, edge, border, polygon, and element. Each of these selection tools also have different functions as to forming your model, but there's so much you can do that I won't mention it all at this time.

Mesh Model: When converting an object to a mesh, all of the faces will be in the form of a square. However, unlike the polygon model, the mesh model can only create faces with 3 sides only. No more, no less. It's selection tools are also similar to the polygon model, (from left to right) vertex, edge, face, polygon, and element. For the most part, both the polygon model and mesh model have the same options within these different types of selection tools, but some things may be different.

So with this in mind, the mesh model will always have twice as many faces/polygons as the polygon model, but this also means that the mesh model will be smoother than the polygon model. However there are a few modifiers available in max that fixes the smoothing issues known as MeshSmooth. MeshSmooth is very effective for polygon models as well as mesh models. However, since MeshSmooth works by adding iterations of polygons to the model, the mesh model will have twice as many faces/polygons of the polygon model, even when half of them are unnecessary. Not to mention, if your computer's specifications aren't that great, you could experience lag in the early stages of modelling.

Personally I choose to model with the polygon modelling method, but everyone has their own style, choose what fits you best.

Speaking of computer lag, I know a lot of people out there tell you to save often. I highly recommend getting into the habbit for this program especially. The last thing anyone needs is to lose several hours of modelling work, then going back to figure out how you modelled it in the first place. 3dsmax doesn't have an automatic save or backup function that I know of, so don't rely on it to keep your work safe.

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