How to Create a 3D Model of a Hull in Autocad.

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AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) program used to create the precision graphics that manufacturing and construction crews need. Though usually used to produce 2-D views, such as those defining a structure's top, left and front faces, the program also has 3-D modeling tools. Designers can use these tools to create any conceivable 3-D object, including the hulls of naval and other vessels. Using AutoCAD to create hull free 3d max models allows you shape a hull to your exact specifications, then create a realistic, shaded rendering of it suitable for presentation.

step by step.

1 Type "view front" to display the front view-port, then type "spline," which is a tool for drawing smooth curves. Click in
the upper left of the drawing window and drag down and right to define the left side of the hull's rear cross section.

2 Click, then drag directly right to begin defining the cross section's bottom. Drag for about two inches, click, then drag
up and right to define the cross section's right side.

3 Right-click, select "Close," then press "Enter" to finish the first cross section for the hull of a boat.

4 Type "-view right" to display the right viewport, then click the cross section and press "Control-C" to copy it the
clipboard. Press "Control-V" to create a duplicate of the cross section. Drag directly left several inches, then click to
place the duplicate in front of the first cross section. This step defines the middle cross section of the hull.

5 Press "Control-V" to create another cross section. Drag directly left of the previous cross section for several inches,
then click the mouse to complete the positioning of the front of the hull.

6 Click the most recently made cross section, type "scale," then drag until the cross section is noticeably smaller than the previous cross sections.

7 Type "-view top" to re-enter top view, then click the last cross section and type "move." Drag the cross section until its
horizontal center aligns with the horizontal center of the previous two cross sections. Click to end the move operation.

8 Type "orbit" and drag upward to display the cross sections in three dimensions. Right-click and select "Exit" to exit orbit mode, then type "Loft," which is a command that creates 3-D surfaces from cross sections.

9 Click each cross section, moving from left to right, then press "Enter" twice to instruct the loft command to create the
hull. AutoCAD will display a dialog box with options for the loft command. Press "Enter" to accept the default options.

10 Type "vscurrent r" to display a shaded view of the completed hull.

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