How to Make Model Boats With a 3D Program.

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CAD (computer aided design) programs are degigned for creating and rendering digital three dimensional objects. One of the PC's first CAD programs was AutoCAD, which AutoDesk released in 1982. Since that time, many other companies have joined the CAD market. The competition between these companies, combined with consumer demand and technological advancement, have produced software able to create just about any virtual object. While many CAD users leverage this potential to make objects of a fantastical nature (e.g. spaceships and aliens), others use CAD software to model more everyday structures, including boats.

Step by step.

1 ) Open your CAD program and create a sphere. You'll shape the sphere to form the hull of a rowboat.

2 ) Enter your application's mode for editing the sphere's vertices (AKA points). Then, delete the top seven-eighths of the
sphere, because only the sphere's bottom is needed for the hull.

3 ) Change the viewpoint to the Top view, then cut away the left or right half of the partial-sphere. (This is in preparation
for making your CAD application keep your boat symmetrical, so you won't have to.)

4 ) Apply the symmetry modifier to the boat, so that the half you cut away appears restored. Now, any changes you make to one half of the boat will appear in the other half.

5 ) Re-enter your application's mode for editing vertices and select its soft selection mode. This mode may be called
"proportional editing" in some applications. The mode allows you to create smoothly curved surfaces by pulling on just one vertex.

6 ) Push in the rightmost vertex of your boat that is midway between the boat's top and bottom (in top view). This turns the circular shape of your boat into a more boat-like, elongated shape.

7 ) Shape the boat's back: Create a box 3D objects and position it so it covers a small portion of your boat's bottom (top view). Apply your application's boolean subtraction tool to the box and boat. The result will be a hole in the back of your boat. (The box will be automatically deleted).

8 ) Seal the boat's back hole by creating a single polygon made from the vertices along the hole's edges. This completes the main hull of the rowboat.

9 ) Add seats: create two flat boxes that span the width of your boat's hull. Space the boxes evenly along the boat's length. Then, attach the boxes to the boat to complete the boat.

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