How to Make a 3D Box.

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3-D modeling programs, including computer-aided design (CAD) applications like AutoCAD and 3ds Max, have ready-made 3-D boxes that you can sculpt into more complex shapes. These programs are usually costly, however, and frequently require a steep learning curve. 2-D graphics programs also have box-drawing tools, including functions for creating the illusion of perspective, an essential component of realistic images of 3-D boxes. Making such images provides the foundation for creating advertisements for ebooks and products with box-like packaging.

Step by Step.

1 ) Open Windows Paint and click the "Polygon" tool (the second button from the bottom in the right column of the toolbox. The toolbox is on the left of the drawing area). This tool allows you to draw the images of the box's sides, distorted by perspective.

2 ) Click near the upper left portion of the drawing window (i.e. canvas), and hold the mouse button. Drag directly downward until the mouse pointer reaches slightly below the horizontal middle of the canvas.

3 ) Release the mouse, then drag right and down for about two inches. Click the mouse to draw the second edge of the left face of the box.

4 ) Drag directly upward until the pointer is slightly below the vertical position of the first point you drew. Double-click
to complete the box's left face.

5 ) Click the rectangular selection tool, then drag a rectangle around the box side you completed in the last step.

6 ) Press and hold "Control," then click on any part of the selection region. Drag to the right to create a duplicate of the
box face, while simultaneously pulling the duplicate away from the original side. You'll form the right side from this

7 ) Press "Control-R," then click the "Flip horizontal" option in the dialog box that appears. The duplicate face will change
to mirror the box's left face.

8 ) Uncheck the "Draw opaque" item under the "Image" menu. This action will allow you to position the duplicate without
deleting any portion of the first box face.

9 ) Drag the duplicated face (i.e. the box's right face) so its left edge coincides with the left face's right edge. This
action completes the box's two front-facing sides.

10 ) Press "Escape" to exit the rectangular selection tool, then click the "Polygon" tool. Press and hold the left mouse
button slightly above the point where the box's left and right sides join together, to define the start point of the box's
top face.

11 ) Drag along the top edge of the box's right face until the cursor reaches the right end of that edge. Release the mouse, then drag left and slightly up until the pointer is directly above the box's center, and slightly above the top point of the most recently completed edge.

12 ) Click to define another edge of the box's top face, then drag until the cursor reaches the left face's top, left point.
Double-click the mouse to complete the box's top and the box itself.


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