How to Make 3D Flash Games.

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3D games require realistic motion. If you need balls that bounce like real balls bounce, wheels to rotate like real wheels
rotate, and cars to accelerate like real cars accelerate, you will need the right software. Because Flash lets you code the
mathematical and physics equations needed to make objects move realistically, it is one tool that can be used. In fact,
because of this feature and others that Flash offers you can make exciting video simulator games. These games will quickly put you in the driving seat at the fastest racecar on the Indianapolis 500 racetrack.

Step by step.

1 ) Plan and design your flash 3D game. To minimize the time it takes to make your 3D flash game, it is important to plan the game. As part of your planning process, pull together or code 3D flash design components that you will use in the design. For example, select or code 3D models of cubes, spheres, ellipsoids, trapezoidals and other common 3D geometrical figures. .

2 ) Design and construct your stage backgrounds. The stage backgrounds are objects in the background that are for the most part stationary. Different backgrounds in 3D video games are used for different game scenes and for different game scenarios. Sometimes the background, is simply a stationary photograph. Flash allows you to readily import files from digital cameras as well as files from other types of graphic design software like Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator.

3 ) Enhance the 3D textures of your game models and characters. You can change the color or texture of your objects in flash. You can do this with the Flash's color and texture tools. If you want to give a two-dimensional 3D objects, such as a circle, a three-dimensional photo realistic look, you can use textures from photographs. For example, to create a 3D asteroid, obtain a photo of a real asteroid and then texture the circle in your flash movie with the actual textures on the real asteroid's photo.

4 ) Code the game sequences and rules. Write the Flash programming code to control how the objects on the screen will respond to different users actions. For example, you may need to write code that will fire an asteroid whenever the gamer right-clicks the mouse. You may also have to write code that displays the current score on the screen, or you may need to write code that displays a "game over" message.

Think about which buttons and keys will be used for control of the game and what they will have to control. Also you will
have to write code to sequence the flow of the game. For example, when a missile hits a spaceship, code will have to be written that makes the spaceship explode. Alternately, if it misses, the code will have to be written such that the missile and spaceship continues flying.

5 ) Test the program. After you have written your code, you will need to test it thoroughly. First test all the different
control inputs, such as buttons, keys and mice and see if they do what was intended. Once you have confirmed that they work, play the game several times. Put the game through its paces. For example, fire missiles as rapidly as possible, try to drag objects you can control off the screen and see what happens.

6 ) Let your friends test the game. Upload the program to the Internet, and see how it performs there. Check to see how long it takes too download the program and look for timing synchronization problems. Often you may have to redesign the code so that there is no delay between the time you activate an object, such as firing a missile, and the time it responds.


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