How to Create a 3D Video Game on a Computer.

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Video games have been a staple of the computer world ever since nuclear research facility Brookhaven Nation Lab programmed a rudimentary tennis simulation to impress some local farmers. However, once 3D games began to proliferate in the 1990s, the medium became more immersive. Suddenly players could interact with a world similar to their own. Making a 3D video game is challenging but accessible to the savvy computer user with the right softw.

step by step.

1 ) Select a graphics engine and tools to work with. The engine instructs the computer to build the 3D objects and the tools allow the user to arrange the objects into the game, as well as 2D art, sounds and code. Blender, Maya, or 3DS Max are all tools for making 3D objects and Unreal Engine 3 is a graphics engine with a built-in level-editing tool that's available for free as long as it's not being used to create a commercial product.

2 ) Construct 3D objects with your chosen object modeling tool. Create complex shapes by adding basic shapes together and then subtracting from their volume, much like a sculptor would chisel at a block to make a statue. Export the wire frame
image as a JPEG and open it in an image editing program. Draw a texture over the wire frame and import it back into the
modeling tool to texture the object.

3 ) Build the game levels in the editing tool. Most 3D editing programs are subtractive, meaning the default blank level is a
large "solid" block, and the 3D objects you insert cut space out of that initial block. Import the models into the level. Assign
one model to be the player, which will let the game know that this object will respond to all inputs and have the camera
follow it around. Play test the level every time you make a significant change to ensure that there aren't problems, such as
the player's character becoming caught on a jutting object.


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