How to Make a 3D Moving Character.

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Three-dimensional moving characters can be made using a software program like Anim8or, 3D Magix Pro or AutoDesk 3ds Max. These software programs let you make animated characters by molding polygon meshes into different shapes. You can then use this character to make a movie, video game or put on a website. You have to have some sort of sketching and drawing background to help you with making characters using digital art.

Step by Step.

1 ) Download and install Anim8or from its website (see Resources). Anim8or is a 3D animation program for amateurs, and is available for free. After installation, start the program by going to "Start" > "Programs." Start making your 3D character, first by making body parts like head, torso, legs, arms and other details. Start off with a simple cube then divide it into smaller body parts in each axis. For reshaping the cubes, you just have to move around the vertices to give any shape to your character. For smooth edges, use the smoothing tool and surface subdivision tool. Once you have made the character, use the "key" frame to define the animation. Select the kind of change you want in the "Sequence" and "Scene" editors, and play the scene to check your values after updating.

2 ) Use professional 3D animations software like 3D Magix Pro (see Resources). When you start the program after installation, the "animation wizard" will guide you through the process of making a character with a body, head, feet and other parts, using the drawing tools. Once you have made the character, pull the polygon meshes to define how you want to animate the character. Specify the movements using the animation tools and save the animation once you are done.

3 ) Download and install AutoDesk Max, which is another professional software for animation and 3D modeling. To start making a character from scratch, go to "File" > "New" or "File" > "Open" if you want to import images of a character. The program has a toolbox from which you can select animation tools and specify the movements on the timeline along with defined time period for the animation.

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