Vehicle Modeling in 3ds MAX

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Modern mass media is no longer as conventional as one may think. In the new age, modern mass media personnel may prefer the use of computer aided graphics in lieu of using physical products in the scenes they wish to show. Some of the reasons behind this is that the use of 3D generated scenes with 3D models of products is more convenient when needing post process editing because if the client insists a change in the scene after processing, the scene can be altered without the need to reacquire the physical products involved. One can easily edit the scene using the software. Furthermore, 3D media and its 3D environment is completely controlled by the 3D specialist. You can alter the scene any way you want and let the 3D models do anything. Another reason is the financial advantages when using 3D media especially when the print or screen media needs the use of expensive props or stunts. Every year brings new technologies that make 3D media more and more realistic. Carefully rendered media using 3D can almost be hardly recognized as 3D.


One of the most popular and most used categories in 3D especially in modern mass media is automotive modeling. The user uses blueprints as well as reference pictures of the vehicle he wishes to recreate digitally. The following steps I will share are some of the general steps in modeling cars using free 3d Max models.


The first decision you have to undertake when starting an automotive modeling project in 3ds Max is what kind of vehicle you wish to model. For beginners, it is best to start with small cars that dont have many sharp edges. this is because sharp edges requires more lines and more polygons to make the modeling more accurate. More polygons mean it will take a longer time to finish the model than using curve edged cars (free 3d max models).


Downloaded blueprints are then cut by separating the top view, left side view, front view, and rear view. These separated images are then setup in their respective viewports in 3ds Max by placing rectangles with the same dimensions as the real car which can simply be googled. These rectangles are placed in such a way that the separated views we have separated earlier can be placed onto the planes and can be used as a basis in placing our polygons.

There are different ways to start the first polygon. One of the easiest is to find a distinctive part of the left side view that has clear edges. an example is the fender. Polygons should always have only four sides and 4 vertices. we then select one side, hold the shift button and drag the side to where we want the new polygon placed. each polygon placed should be readjusted by viewing the top view and front view. Activate NURMS to smooth out the edges of the polygons and observe the accuracy of the model. Always use some downloaded pictures of the car as reference free 3d max models).

After modeling the body, we can now model the other parts such as the headlight, taillight, side mirror, windows, and windshield.

The last thing we model are the wheels, tires, and accessories.

These are just the basic steps in modeling a car in 3ds Max. There are hundreds of free tutorials in the internet and a quick google can help you when you have a problem with a particular step in the overall process. The most helpful of these tutorials are video based which are a must when learning 3ds max modeling. After modeling, we can then proceed with using the material editor to apply color and texture to the car.

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