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Computer graphics have come a long way in the past few years. Gone are the days when graphic artists used 2d tools like Adobe Photoshop to create 3d art. Tools like Autodesk Maya and 3d Studio Max take 3d modelling to the next level. With 3d software, an artist can render an image of an object they created from any angle, creating a virtual 3d world in which objects interact with each other. They have distinct textures and reflective properties that can affect other objects around them.

Maya is a complex piece of software with various plugins that developers can use to customize their development platform. The learning curve for Maya is steep, and not for everyone. A lot of artists are attracted to the gaming industry and aspire to be 3d modelers to create fictional characters. Others hope to work for the movie industry for production companies like Pixar and Industrial Light and Magic (ILM).

Competition for these positions is intense with thousands of Maya and 3d Studio Max developers graduating every year, aspiring to create the next big gaming or movie character.

Advanced versions of Maya offer tools to easily simulate common objects and surfaces.

Maya Fluid - Simulates water, smoke, clouds, and other surface textures.

Maya Fur - creates complex furry surfaces of animals, human hair, etc.

Maya Cloth - simulates various cloth textures and surfaces.

These are just few of the tools maya offers to make 3d development for the artist easier.

It should also be noted that along with the history of Maya the company has produced Maya learning tools which date back to the earlier Alias days. Beginning with an internally produced newsletter on Maya software techniques and workflows, the tradition conitinued with the internally produced Art of Maya book and training videos and tutorials also free 3d max models.

In response to strong user demand the company's education department further developed instructional books and video-based learning content referred to as learning tools. Autodesk continues to develop learning tools with content devloped both by internal product specialists as well as industry profsesionals. The company's video-based learning tools have recently moved away from physical production and are now strictly available as digital downloads from the Autodesk site.


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passivhaus 04/17/2012 19:37

Maya is a well-known and professional 3D animation application which is made by Auto Desk. Maya is capable of producing high quality professional 3D animations.