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The 3d studio max tutorial refers to a highly professional software package which is normally used by game developers, specialists in the domain of design visualization and artists in the field of visual effects (3d max models). It helps you to enable making complex design visualizations ensuring realistic characters of a game. The frequently discussed areas of 3d studio max tutorials are

  1.  Animation
  2.  Basic
  3.  Dynamics
  4.  Effects
  5.  Lighting
  6.  Material
  7.  Modeling
  8.  Plugins
  9.  Reactors
  10.  Text effects

The updated version of the 3d studio max tutorial version is available. The tutorials cover the major areas of Free 3d max models. Usage of proper software is essential to complete the course in a systematic manner. The training material is prepared in a systematic manner to help people from any background to quickly upgrade them in this domain. The training is divided on the following areas:

1. Demonstrations
2. Learning Path
3. Events and Seminars
4. Self Paced training
5. Student resources
6. Authorized training centers
7. Autodesk Certified Instructors program
8. Documentation.

The 3d studio max tutorial is also available as an online help file. The buyers greatly appreciate the work of the hardworking team members ensuring to bring this tutorial online catering to the requirements of the users for Free 3d max models. A list of few people who have contributed to the 3d studio max tutorial is mentioned below;

1. Grant Adam for Particle flow
2. Michele Bousquet for Physique model
3. Jean-Marc Belloncik for quadruped animation
4. Mark Gerhard for Auto Key animation
5. Frank deLise for exploding asteroid
6. Peter Carisi de Lappe for using FK and IK together
7. Pia Maffei for using the head used with a skin material
8. Retired Captain Irv Styer, fighter pilot regarding help with the P-38 model
9. Fred Ruff for level modeling
10. Amer Yassine for models, methods, and artwork.


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