How to Use Reference Pictures in 3ds Max 9

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3ds Max is one of the most widely used 3-D modeling applications in the world. It has a versatile array of tools that make the process of modeling much easier. One of the most difficult types of modeling projects to carry out in any 3-D application is modeling a real-world 3d objects that you need to reproduce exactly. Fortunately, there is a simple way in 3ds Max to bring reference images into the program. You can then create your model using the background images to guide you. The process for placing these reference images in the program is quite straightforward.

Step by step

1) Load an image of the object that you want to create a model of onto your computer. Use a graphics program to trim it so that it is perfectly square.

2) Open 3ds Max. Go to the tools on the right and choose "Plane." Draw the plane on the canvas, making sure that it is square.

3) Go to "Materials Settings." Select "Bitmap." In the dialog, browse to the image that you loaded and select it.

4) Drag the material from the dialog onto the model to assign it. In the properties, set the "Self-Illumination" item to 100.

5) Repeat this process to add other images of the object taken from another angle. You can now use the tools of 3ds Max to create your model based on your reference images.


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