How to Move Objects in 3D Max Studio

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3D Studio Max is a modeling, animating and rendering package. You can create your own 3D models, as well as build your own scenes, props and environments, light and animate them. It's used by amateur and professional artists in the television, movie and computer games industry. 3D Studio Max lets you create fantasy environments and characters through animation. A split screen allows you to see the object you create from various angles, ensuring your modeling is accurate.


Moving an Object in 3D Studio Max.

1) Once you have loaded 3D Studio Max, you will see that your screen is split into four squares. This is called the "viewport." These squares display the object that you build from different angles---top, front, left and perspective.

2) Choose an object. Click "Create" on the main toolbar at the top of the screen. This shows a pull down menu. Here you have a choice of objects you can create. Place the pointer over "Standard Primitives." This displays different 3D shapes for you to create. Click on "Box."

3) Draw your box object. Hold down the left mouse button in the square labeled "Top." Drag the pointer, and the outline of a square will be drawn; you will notice in the left and front viewport that this square appears as a line. Once you're happy with the size in the top viewport, let go of the mouse button and move your pointer up or down. This gives your object height.

4) Select the box. To move your box in any direction you must first select it. Do this by clicking "Edit" in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Click "Move" from the list that appears. Then click on the object in any viewport.

5) Move the object. Your object can be moved in several directions along three different axes. These directions are shown as three different colored arrows. The blue "Z axis" moves the object up and down, the green "Y axis" moves it backward and forward and the "X axis" moves it left and right. Place your pointer over one of these colored arrows, and hold down the mouse button. Move your mouse in the desired direction and your object will move along that axis.


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