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The three dimensional (3D) design application 3d Max Models has many tools that you can use to create characters. The variety of modeling tools allows you to approach character creation in several ways, including those that start with a basic object, such as a box or cylinder. Regardless of the approach you take to make a character, you only need to make one side of it, then apply a modifier to duplicate your work to the other side.

Step by step

1) Begin making the torso of your character by creating an eight-sided cylinder. Find the cylinder object under the "Standard Primitives" item in the "Create" menu. Size the cylinder so its proportions roughly match those of a torso, and give the cylinder at least five height segments.

2 ) Right-click the cylinder and select "Convert to editable poly" to allow editing with 3ds Max's mesh tools.

3 ) Select the edges subobject, then go to top view. Group-select, by clicking and dragging, the edges on the left half of the cylinder. In the "Edit Edge" rollout at screen right, press "Remove" to delete the torso's (cylinder) left half.

4 ) Select the vertex subobject, then click the top vertex. Control-click the bottom vertex, then press "Connect" in the "Edit Vertices" rollout to make an edge between the two vertices.

5 ) Go to right view in wireframe mode, and click the second edge down from the torso's top. Press "Chamfer" under the "Edit edges" rollout, then click and drag the selected edge until it splits apart slightly.

6 ) Click the "Polygon" subobject level and click the newly created polygon formed from the chamfered edge. Press the "Extrude" button, then click the selected polygon. Drag the mouse until the arm is formed.

7 ) Begin crafting the head by selecting top view, then selecting the edge subobject. Press "Insert Vertex," then click the vertical edge at its midpoint to insert a vertex there.

8 ) Select the vertex subobject, then click the new vertex. Control-click the right-most vertex and press "Connect" to create a new edge.

9 ) Select the new edge's left vertex, then press "Chamfer" to begin forming the neck. Drag the selected vertex to grow the neck's cross section, then release the mouse when a neck-sized area is reached.

10 ) Select the polygon subobject and click the newly formed neck polygon. Press "Extrude" to grow the neck, then press "Bevel" to begin the head. Drag the pointer a short distance, then drag and click to grow the head's circumference. Extrude the selected polygon to complete the head block.

11 ) Select the "Editable Poly" modifier, then add a "Symmetry" modifier to duplicate your work onto the character's right side.

12 ) Apply the techniques you used to craft the arms and head to grow legs from the torso.

13 ) Render the completed character by pressing "F9."


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