How to Make Bright Headlights in 3Ds Max

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3ds Max is just made for doing incredible things with light. Once you have learned how the lighting tools work, you can get some really awesome effects. You can take a photo or graphic of a car, for instance, and bring it to life by giving it some bright headlights. There are plenty of complicated ways to customize your headlights in 3d Max Models once you have created them, but just getting the bright headlight effect onto your image is actually quite simple.


1 ) Open the "Lights" subpanel. The "Lights" subpanel is available under the "Create" panel, which will come up automatically to the right side of the screen when you open 3ds Max.

2 ) Select the "Spotlight" tool. "Target Spotlight" is available under the "Object Type" rollout on the "Lights" subpanel.

3 ) Create your light cone. Click on the headlight on the photo or graphic. Hold the button down on your mouse and drag away from the headlight until your cursor goes off the edge of the image. It will create a cone of light that disappears into the edge of the photograph, as real headlights would.

4 ) Increase the intensity of your light. Adjust the spotlight by clicking on the cone of light and opening up the "Modify" panel. Increase the brightness of your lights under the "Intensity/Color/Attenuation" rollout menu. Simply increase the number little by little until you reach the brightness you desire.

5 ) Repeat Steps 1 through 4 to create the second headlight.


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