How to Draw Into 3D Max for Modeling

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Autodesk's 3ds Max modeling program has many tools for creating both two-dimensional and three-dimensional (3D) shapes. One of these shapes is a simple line, which you can draw in 3ds Max by plotting the line's vertices--the smallest parts of any 2D or 3D objects made with 3ds Max. When using vertices to draw lines or other objects, 3ds Max will automatically add segments that connect the vertices, to form the completed object. Once you've finished the first draft of an object, 3ds Max provides options for editing its existing vertices and adding new ones.


 1 ) Open up 3ds Max and switch to the view needed to draw a two-dimensional shape. Right-click the "+" symbol next to the window pane that reads "[Top]" and select "Maximize Viewport."

 2 ) Begin drawing a simple two-dimensional shape. Press "Create" on the 3ds Max toolbar and select the "shapes" menu item, followed by the "line" item.

 3 ) Notice the new "Creation Method" option on the right of your screen. Select the "Corner" options in both the "Initial Type" and "Drag Type" panes, to specify a line with straight-line segments.

 4 ) Begin drawing the line by clicking anywhere on the main window containing the grid. Drag your pointer to several different places in the window and left-click at each place. Notice that the segments connecting the points are straight.

 5 ) Right-click twice to stop adding new points to the line.

 6 ) Right-click anywhere on the line and select the "Convert to" item, followed by the "Editable Spline" item.

 7 ) Click the "+" symbol to the left of the "Selection" heading, on the right of the screen. Click the button with three small, red points to indicate that you want to edit the line's vertices (points).
 8 ) Right-click on any vertex in the line and select "Move." Hover the mouse pointer over one of the following:
The green arrow labeled "y" to move up or down;
The red arrow labeled "x" to move right or left;
The square connecting the "x" and "y" arrows, to move horizontally and vertically, simultaneously.

 9 ) When the mouse pointer changes from a single arrow to a four-pointed arrow, drag along your chosen direction to move the vertex. Left-click anywhere away from the "x" and "y" arrows to end the mode for moving vertices.

 10 ) Begin creating new vertices by scrolling through the window pane on the right of your screen until you see the "Geometry" heading. Click the "Refine" button under that heading.

 11 ) Left-click on any of the segments of your line to create a new vertex at the point you clicked. Create as many new vertices as you want, then left-click anywhere away from the line to end the mode for adding vertices.
 12 ) Right-click on any of the line's vertices and select "Bezier corner" to select a tool for turning sharp corners into smooth curves.

 13 ) Click one of the two, newly created green vertices and drag it away from the red vertex. Notice that the segments that meet at the red vertex now form a smooth curve, which replaces the sharp corner at that vertex.


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