How to Create a Stereogram in 3D Studio Max.

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Stereograms (or stereographs) are 3D images created by using two 2D images to fool the brain to thinking it is seeing a 3D scene. These can either be presented as two images that are viewed separately through a special viewer, or they are combined into a single image known as an anaglyph. In recent years, 3D artists have been using programs like 3D Studio Max to create stereograms based on Free 3D Max Models. You might have thought that this would be very difficult, but to create Stereograms in 3D Studio Max, all you need is the free VisuMotion plug-in. Once you have installed it, you can quickly create your own 3D stereograms.

Step by steps.

1 ) Launch the 3D Studio Max application. Select "File" from the menu and choose "Open." In the dialog that appears, locate a file you have been working on that you would like to render in 3D.

2 ) Go to the "Object" menu on the upper right side and click on the "Camera" button. Click on the drop-down menu under the camera in the panel and choose "VisuMotion 3DCam."

3 ) Go to the camera panel below this and select whatever usual settings you might use for the cameras in the scene, such as focal length.

4 ) Go to the camera on the stage. You will see that there are three colored layers projected from the camera into the scene.

5 ) Position these three planes so they overlap the objects in the scene that you want to make 3D. Anything not in all three of these planes from the perspective of the camera will not have the 3D effect. Position the middle plane where you want the focus of the 3D effect.

6 ) Go to the upper right and click on the "3D Render" button to render the image. Save your work.


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