How to Create a 3D Car Model.

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Three-dimensional models are used for many different purposes and projects by movie studios, advertisers and video game manufacturers. If you would like to use a 3-D car model, there are four ways to get one. You can purchase one from a retailer in 3-D models like Dosch or Marlin 3-D, download one from the free section of a site like Renderosity, hire a 3-D modeler to make you a custom 3-D car, or you can use a 3-D modeling program to make your own. There are several programs that you can use for this purpose, varying in price and features. But most can be used to carry out a process called box modeling.

step by step.

1) Download an image of the car that you want to model. Then open Hexagon. Go to the "Scene Properties" on the right and add the car image to one of the grids as a reference.

2) Select the "Primitives" tab and click on the "Cube." Draw it in the view and select the forward facing polygon.

3) Select the "Extrude" tool and extrude the face forward to form the front of the car. Repeat this step with the other faces
to form the back and top of the car. Use the "Tessellation" tools to divide the model, giving more polygons that you can then move to refine the shape of the car.

4) Add "Cylinder" primitives and use the "Boolean" function to subtract then from the model to create the tire wells. Then
add more cylinders to act as the tires.

5) Use the "Materials/Shading Domain" function on the left to add colors to the parts. Save your work as a Wavefront OBJ.

Google SketchUp

1) Load the image that you want to use as a reference onto your computer. Open Google SketchUp.

2)Select the "Line" from the toolbar and draw the outer shape of the car on the ground. Now use the "Push/Pull" tool to raise the shape to about the height of the car door, using the image as a reference.

3) Use the "Line" tool to dived the shape into sections for the front, middle and back of the car. Use the "Push/Pull" tool
to raise the center section to make the top of the car.

4) Select lines and adjust them to refine the shape of the car. Use the line tools to add more lines to refine the shape, as well as to create tire wells. Use the "Elliptical" tool with the "Push/Pull" tool to make tires.

5)Select the "Paint Bucket" tool and use it to fill each section with the color you want. Export the file as a Wavefront OBJ.

Wings 3D

1) Load the image of the car you want to make onto your computer. Open Wings 3D.

2) Click on the "Cube" to add one. Select the forward face. Right-click and from the options choose "Extrude." Extrude the
face to make the front of the car. Continue this process to make the rest of the car.


3) Use the "Inset" functions to create windows, doors and other sections. Then use the "Move" tool to select edges or points and move them to refine the shape of the car based on the reference image.

4)Save your work as a Wavefront OBJ.

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