How to Convert Inventor to 3DS Max.

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Autodesk has an array of products related to 3D modeling and animation. One of the most widely used is Inventor. It is employed to create CAD designs for machines, parts or other items that might be manufactured. But Inventor itself is not necessarily the best tool use to actually show off a design. The creation of rendered images and animations based on the design is better left to another Autodesk product, 3DS Max. 3DS Max has an array of tools and functions that allow the user to produce a presentation or animation. Fortunately, Autodesk makes it very easy for users to export their Inventor content directly into 3DS Max (Free 3D Max Models).

step by step

1 ) Open Inventor. Use the tools of the program to create your model. Select "File" from the menu and choose "Save." In the dialog that appears, name the file, choose the location you want to save to and save it in the standard Inventor format (.IPT or .IAM).

2 ) Close Inventor and open 3DS Max. Click on the 3DS Max logo on the upper left corner and choose "Import." From the listed options, choose "Import." The "Import" dialog will appear.

3 ) Change the "File of Type" to "Autodesk Inventor." Browse to the location of the file you want to import. Select it and click "Open." The model will appear in the view.

4 ) Choose the options that you want in the dialog that appears, such as whether the imported model should use the Inventor textures and the resolution of the mesh. Then click "OK."

5 ) Click on the 3DS Max logo again and choose "Save As." From the options, choose "Save As." In the dialog that appears, name the file, choose the location to save to and choose "3DS Max" as the file type. Click "Save."


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