How do I Create Spray Paint Cans in 3Ds Max .

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3ds Max is a computer aided design (CAD) program, which means you can use it to create both abstract images and graphical representations of real-world 2- and 3-dimensional shapes and 3d objects. 3ds Max's modeling tools let you create a great variety of virtual objects, including spray paint cans. Using 3ds Max to model this particular subject is an excellent exercise for learning the foundations of 3-D modeling, because the paint can's essential shape is a simple and common one: a cylinder.

Step b step

1) Open 3ds Max and click in the "perspective" viewport to activate. Click the "Create" menu, followed by the "Standard
Primitives" and "Cylinder" menu items. These actions put the program in cylinder-drawing mode.

2) Click anywhere on the drawing grid and drag to define the cylinder's base. Size the base to roughly one-eighth the width of your screen, then release the mouse. Drag upward to grow the cylinder's height until it is about four times the base's diameter. Click the mouse to end the cylinder's creation.

3) Right-click on the cylinder and choose "Convert to editable poly," to convert the cylinder to a form composed of polygons, which will allow you to shape the cylinder.

4) Press "F4" to lay a wireframe image over the cylinder, which helps you see the cylinder's individual faces for easier

5) Click the cylinder to select it, then right-click and select "Polygon," which puts the program in polygon-editing mode.

6) Click the cylinder's top face to select it, then right-click that face and select "Inset" from the menu. The inset tool
creates new edges for a polygon by creating a mirror image of the polygon on the polygon's plane.

7) Click on any edge where the cylinder's side and top face meet, then drag slightly and release to create a new, inner
perimeter of the cylinder's top circular face. Perform this step repeatedly by clicking and dragging slightly on each new,
smaller perimeter, until you have between 8 and 12 inner perimeters. Right-click to release the inset tool. The new edges you just formed provide the raw geometry needed to create the characteristic dome on a spray paint can.

8) Click the "Graphite modeling tools" tab, then click the "Soft selection" tool, which enables a change in one part of the
cylinder to influence the shape of nearby parts.

9) Click the cylinder's smallest top circle to select it, then press "W" to enter the "Move" mode. Drag the "Z" arrow upward
until a dome top forms. Click the "Soft selection" tool again to release it.

10) Click the top face of the cylinder, then right-click and select the "Inset" tool again. Drag until the new circle is as
small as possible, then release. This step forms the base of the slender tube that the nozzle attaches to.

11) Right-click and select "Extrude," then drag upward until the tube is about three times its diameter.

12) Right-click and choose "Inset," then drag until the new circle, after pushing beyond the tube's perimeter, is about four times the tube's diameter. This action defines the nozzle's base.

13) Right-click and select "Extrude," then drag until the nozzle's height is about 1.5 times its diameter. Release the mouse to complete the nozzle and spray paint can.


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