Add an Image Plane in 3D Studio Max

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3D Studio Max, produced by Autodesk, is used to create 3D models, such as interesting characters and real-world objects. When you want to create a 3D models based on an image, you have two choices. You can either add an image plane to the 3D workspace, or you can change the background image of a viewport. Image planes are the best option for when you want to use an example image for more than one angle of an object, such as the front and profile view of a charact

Step by step

1) Start up your copy of 3D Studio Max. Double-click on the icon on the desktop, or start it from the Programs section of the "Start" menu.

2) Choose the Plane tool in the Create panel on the right side of the screen. Click near the upper-left corner of the Front viewport pane and drag your mouse to the lower-right side of this viewport. Release the mouse button. A blank plane has been added to your scene.

3) Start the Material Editor by pressing the "M" button on your keyboard. Choose "2-Sided" under Shade Basic Parameters. Change the color value in the Self-Illumination section under Blinn Basic Parameters to 100.

4)Click the small gray box next to the "Diffuse" option in the Blinn Basic Parameters section. Select the "Bitmap" option and navigate to where you have your image stored on your computer. Click the file name and choose "Open."

5)Click the plane in the Front viewport and click the "Assign Material to Selection" button in the Material Editor to assign the image to the plane. Click the "Show Map in Viewport" button so you can see the result in your working viewport. You now have an image plane in your 3D Studio Max work desk.


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