3ds Max Modeling Techniques.

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Autodesk's 3ds Max is an application used by professional artists and designers to create virtual three-dimensional objects, as well as animations with those objects. One of 3ds Max's strengths is its set of tools for crafting, or "modeling," 3D objects. These tools can be used to rapidly create basic building-block objects like boxes. Once you master this object, you'll have the skills needed to begin creating more comple one.

Create a Box
Create one of the program's simplest 3D shapes, the box. Begin by opening up 3d studio Max and pressing "Alt-W" after hovering your mouse over the "Perspective" viewport. Click the "Create" menu item, followed by the "Standard Primitives" and "Box" items. Left-click the mouse button, then drag across any area of the grid to define the box's base. Release the button and drag upwards to define the box's height.

Move Boxes
Create a series of boxes with the goal of making a more complex object (e.g., house or robot) with them.

You probably can't build your desired object without having the ability to move the boxes vertically. Right now, they're all on the same level. To end single-box creation mode and start stacking the boxes, right-click on a box, then pull on one of the arrows (called "axes") marked "x," "y" or "z." The box will now move along the axis you chose. If you want to stack the boxes, raise them by dragging their "z" axes.

Rotating and Sizing
Accurate modeling involves sizing and rotating objects, too. Start with left-clicking one of your boxes and pressing the "E" key, which turns on rotation mode. Drag one of the colored circles to rotate the object about its "x," "y" or "z" axis. Press "R" to resize the object along a particular direction.

Don't worry about remembering these keyboard commands to manipulate the boxes. The same commands are available under the "Edit" menu. But bear in mind that efficient modeling requires some speed, which only keyboard shortcuts can provide.

Shaping Individual Boxes
Practical modeling doesn't involve arranging blocky boxes so much as shaping the boxes themselves. You can change a box's shape by moving, scaling or rotating its vertices, line segments or faces.

Enter the box edit mode by right-clicking any box and selecting "Convert to editable poly." Then click the button with the three red stars that appears midway down the right side of your screen. Note the blue points that have appeared on the box you selected. These are the box's vertices, which you can move individually to shape the box. Click a vertex, then drag on its "x," "y" or "z" axes to move it. Then move, scale or rotate edges and whole faces of the box by selecting the red edge and face buttons next to the three-dot vertex button.


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